Here are photos from our trip to Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, July-August, 2015.

Click on any photo for a high-resolution version.

Oslo, Norway

A 12th Century Church, Norwegian Folkesmuseum

Storage Buildings, Folkesmuseum

Oslo Waterfront

Parliament Building

The Grand Hotel, where we stayed

Marstrand, Sweden

An island off the western coast.

The Castle

The Archipelago


Matilda and Jillian

Karingon, Sweden

An island far (40-minute ferry ride) from the western coast. Originally a fishing village, now mostly a tourist destination for Swedes.

A Typical "Road". Cars are not allowed.

The Church

View from our Hostel

Our Hostel


The Back Country -- all rock, no soil

Gothenburg and Varberg, Sweden

Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden, and Matilda's home. Varberg is a beach town about an hour south of Gothenburg.

Central Square

View from the Water Tower

Botanic Gardens

Matilda's Parents

Our Cuban-themed Hotel

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Royal Palace

The Dining Room

Grenna and Visingso, Sweden

In south-central Sweden. Visingso is an island in a large lake, accessible only by ferry.

Brahehouse -- 15th Century Ruins

Church on Visingso -- we climbed to the top

Road on Visingso

We biked 5 km to see these rocks

Candy-maker in Grenna

Stockholm, Sweden

Gumla Stan -- Old Town Stockholm

Gumla Stan


Produce Market

Royal Palace

Pianos were available for playing

Many Stockholm Metro stations are art galleries

An Old Church

Gumla Stan

Park Outside Our Hotel