Here are photos from our trip to Spain, Tunisia, and Egypt, 2019.

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Madrid, Spain

Jillian spent the spring semester here.

Plaza Mayor

The Prado Art Museum

Interesting trees in the Retiro park

The lake in the Retiro

The Crystal Palace

Inside the Crystal Palace

The Serolla Art Museum

Jillian visiting with Juaquin Serolla

A cool bridge over the river

Santa Pau and the Volcanic Mountains, Northeast Spain

Santa Pau is a medieval village in the mountains of northeast Spain.

The view from our hotel room

The old church next door

Inside a volcano

Inside a volcano

Santa Pau (from a local poster).

The streets of Santa Pau

The Salvador Dali museum, Figueres, Spain

La Rambla, Figueres

Island of Mallorca, Spain

Palma, in the west, is the main city, but we stayed in Alcudia, on the eastern shore. It's a beach town, frequented primarily by Germans.

The view from our hotel room

The Mallorca countryside

The Caves of Campanet

The highest peak on Mallorca

The Castle in Palma

The view from the castle

A side street in Palma

The beach outside our hotel in the evening

Barcelona, Spain

A short visit to Barcelona, since we'd all been there before.

Parc Guell

Gaudi's house in Parc Guell

Interesting drinks at Old Fashioned,
an old speakeasy

Plaza Reial

Tunis, Tunisia

The entrance to our hotel

The Bardo museum has many rooms like this

Full size mosaics

A residential street in Carthage (suburban Tunis)

The ruins at Carthage

The Roman amphitheater at Carthage

The village of Sidi Bou Said.
Everything is white and blue.

The Tunis Medina, or Old Town

Tunisian Highway Signs

Cairo and Giza, Egypt

Countryside outside Cairo

The tombs at Saqqara

Monuments at Memphis

The pyramids at Giza

The city of Giza from the pyramids

It was very windy!

The Great Pyramid up close

We saw camels, but didn't ride one

The view from our hotel room. This is Tahrir
square, where the 2011 revolution took place.

The Egyptian Museum

Jillian with Hatshepsut, her favorite Pharaoh

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is an hour plane ride south of Cairo, and it's where the tombs of many pharoahs, notably Tutankhamen, are buried. We went into three different tombs, but not Tut's.

Farm land outside Luxor

The Colossi of Memnon

The Valley of the Kings, where the tombs are.

The Temple of Hatshepsut

Sunset over the Nile

The Temple of Luxor

The Temple of Karnak

Temple of Karnak

The pool at the Temple of Karnak

Streets of Luxor

A side street