Spring Muse
NOTICE: Because of Wendy Huber's untimely passing in 2021, Spring Muse no longer exists as a group. The remaining four musicians are considering our future together. Stay tuned....
Spring Muse is a fusion of five experienced musicians and performers who came together in 2009 to form a new, full sound. Their music relies heavily on the Irish tradition but is also inspired by new and old music from around the world, including some original tunes.

Each member of Spring Muse has spent a lifetime with music, and each brings that experience to the group. Drawing on deep roots in folk music, classical music, humor, and performance experience, the members make a group sound that captures the ear and the imagination. Inspired mainly by the Irish tradition but influenced by many other musical forces, Spring Muse has a unique sound that they use to tell stories and to create a wide variety of moods, to engage and entertain every audience.

In keeping with the Irish tradition, Spring Muse performs songs that span a variety of moods, including lively dance tunes and songs of life, death, and love.

Formerly performing as solo acts or in smaller groups, the members of Spring Muse together make a unique group sound. The varied instrumentation and unusual arrangements make the sound itself exciting, and the songs always pull the listener in, through lively tunes and entertaining lyrics.

The group includes:
  • Carl Hemenway: vocals, bodhran, percussion
  • Wendy Huber: vocals, accordion
  • Phyllis Purves-Smith: vocals, whistle, guitar
  • Wes Powers, vocals, guitar, piano
  • John Wight, bass