Wes Powers Songs

Here is a collection of some of Wes's songs for possible Cover Me use. These are all very rudimentary, unprofessional recordings.

Backwards WaltzDance to the 3, 2, 1 beat.
BridgesThings haven't changed politically since I wrote this 10 years ago.
Counties of PennsylvaniaA straight-up list song.
Eating on a Jet PlaneYuck!(Covered by Terry Rivel in 2023)
I Can Play in TuneMust be able to play out-of-tune chords.
I Saw a NewtWordplay around "Newt"
Middle of the NightThis is a sing-along.
Moons of JupiterSpaced out love song.(Covered by Peter Horst in 2020)
Niagara WaltzIt isn't what you think.(Covered by Rob Lincoln in 2018)
Night ShiftI'm told this is a true story. I have my doubts.
Outhouse of HomeYuck!(Covered by Richard Hunt in 2019)
RelativityEvery word in here is scientifically accurate.(Covered by Nancy Hoebner in 2021)
They DancedA story of an old barn that used to hold dances.