Wes Powers Songs

Here is a collection of some of Wes's songs for possible Cover Me use. These are all very rudimentary, unprofessional recordings.

Backwards WaltzDance to the 3, 2, 1 beat.
Bridges.mp3Things haven't changed politically since I wrote this 10 years ago.
Counties of Pennsylvania.mp3A straight-up list song.
Eating on a Jet Plane.mp3Yuck!
I Can Play in Tune.mp3Must be able to play out-of-tune chords.
I Saw a Newt.mp3Wordplay around "Newt"
Middle of the Night.mp3This is a sing-along.
Moons of Jupiter.mp3Spaced out love song.
Niagara Waltz.mp3It isn't what you think.
Night Shift.mp3I'm told this is a true story. I have my doubts.
Outhouse of Home.mp3Yuck!
Relativity.mp3Every word in here is scientifically accurate.
They Danced.mp3A story of an old barn that used to hold dances.