Wes Powers
Wes Powers is a Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter. He plays piano, guitar, dulcimer, and a little banjo (unless he's bribed not to!). His music is a unique blend of traditional, contemporary, and original folk music, covering a variety of subjects and moods. He is known for his humorous and oddly light-hearted songs, but also writes heartfelt emotional ones. His songs deal with unique subjects, ranging from murdering chickens to geography lessons to malfunctioning spaceships. He can make you laugh with one song and cry with the next.

Wes has played piano for most of his life, and guitar for many years. He has studied under several well-known folk musicians, including Bob Franke, Julie Adams, Cosy Sheridan, and Sloan Wainwright. He has appeared on many stages around the Philadelphia area, and has also performed in southern New York State, West Virginia, and Greenwich Village. He is based in suburban Philadelphia.

"Some of the cleverest and wackiest songs you'll ever hear delivered deadpan."
-- Rob Lincoln, Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance
"Go forth and clone yourself -- the world needs more of you."
-- Jacquie Manning, Small Potatoes
"A better singer than Dylan himself; a better songwriter than Milli and Vanilli, combined."
-- Donna Wray, Music Fan